Bankroll Builder Poker Freerolls

There’s nothing like getting started at an online poker room completely for free, bankroll builder poker freerolls have gained great popularity and give you exactly this chance. The buy in is completely free for these tournaments, all you have to do is sign up and register to the bankroll builder poker freeroll. These poker freerolls are played just like any other multi table poker tournament, you will face off against a competition between a few hundred and a few thousand other poker players at these bankroll builder poker freerolls. The goal is to fight your way into the money to take your winnings to the cash tables afterwards.

Bankroll builder poker freerolls at TrueMoneyGames

Since October 2010 TrueMoneyGames gives you the chance to get your free bankroll at bankroll builder poker freerolls every Wednesday at 19:30 GMT. No buy in is required, you just have to be fast enough to get one of the 530 free seats. This sounds quite limited but the benefit is surely that you won’t have as much of an opposition as you might be uses to, these bankroll builder poker freerolls also finish a lot quicker and get you to the cash tables fairly easy. Every winner is guaranteed to get started at either the backgammon or poker tables, all you have to do is survive long enough to be part of the prize pool. Take this great chance and sign up to the bankroll builder poker freeroll every week!

Check out this Schedule for all details!

Bankroll Builder Poker Freeroll Schedule:

Date: Every Wednesday in October

Time: 19:30 GMT

Prize Pool: €100

Buy in: Poker freeroll open to everyone


Poker Freeroll Hybrids

Poker Freerolls are perfect bankroll builders, great to experience tournament action and are completely free to enter. What seperates a good old poker freeroll from the average poker tournament is the buy in, everyone can sign up and make some money without any requirements.

Poker Freeroll Hybrids

These poker tournaments are somewhat new in the industry, you might as well consider them as member poker freerolls, the difference is that new players can actually sign up by paying a real money buy in. An example might be 5ct for a €25 poker freeroll or 30ct for €500 poker freeroll tournaments. The loyal member can enter without paying a real money buy in however, simply by using FPPs(Frequent Player Points) which he has acquired by playing at the cash tables. Lots of poker rooms issue these “tokens” to their players as a reward for playing at their tables.

Hybrid Poker Freerolls at TrueMoneyGames

TrueMoneyGames recently offers a whole bunch of these hybrid poker freeroll tournaments. Members can basically enter for free, while new sign ups can join for a couple of cent. The poker freerolls offer a high value regardless, paying 30ct to enter a €500 guaranteed poker tournament is somewhat rare in the online poker world, there’s nothing much to lose but you have the chance to take part at an interesting prize pool. The best part is certainly that these poker freerolls are filtered, not everyone can take part so participation is kept on a pleasant level with between 50 and 200 sign ups.

Check those poker freerolls out, there’s a lot of money to earn here, currently over €18,000 per month.

WSOB Play the World Series of Backgammon here

WSOB – The World Series of Backgammon

The WSOB or World Series of Backgammon is a backgammon event on a worldclass level founded in 2006 by an ambitioned backgammon player called Andy Bell. Every year players with all sorts of backgrounds battle it out to determine the new backgammon champion. The World Series of Backgammon has been televised and broadcasted in 44 countries on channels such as Eurosport 2.

The WSOB is usually divided into several tours, each with its own unique prize pool and location. Famous backgammon players like Falafel, Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki or Robert Wachtel can be found at the World Series of Backgammon Championships on a regular basis.

Online WSOB

This prestigious backgammon tournament finally goes online as well, the online WSOB. An extreme benefit is certainly the fact that you can play it from anywhere you wish, no extra travelling costs await you and you can make yourself comfortable in your living room. TrueMoneyGames hosts this event and offers several qualifiers in form of SnG tournaments and MTT tournaments to get an entry to this fascinating event for cheap.

This year the prize pool looks promising, considering the buy in to this event is at €229 quite a sum should get accumulated, making the Online World Series of Backgammon rather one of the lucrative backgammon tournaments in the online backgammon world.

WSOB Tournament details

  • Tournament: First Online WSOB
  • Date: 27.06.10
  • Buy in: €220 + €9

WSOB qualifier details

WSOB SnG qualifiers

  • Buy in: €28.63 + €1.5
  • Min. players: 8

WSOB MTT satellites

  • Buy in: €28.63 + €1.5
  • Min. player: 8
  • Date: Daily at 15GMT, 18GMT and 21GMT

Backgammon tournaments with real value

Backgammon tournaments

There are several ways to be successful at online backgammon, you either grind the single games and matches of you sign up for one of the backgammon tournaments. Backgammon tournaments are great events to get loads of cash in a relatively short time for all online backgammon players. Of course you won’t get the prize for free, most online backgammon tournaments require a buy in, except backgammon freerolls of course. The prize money is either a fixed guaranteed prize, an added prize or an accumulation of the buys ins of all players. In all cases each player contributes to the pot and in the end a predetermined amount of players receive the prize money. Backgammon tournaments usually include all sorts of skill levels, you might end up being lucky facing off against all the newbies but you might as well have to battle one of the better ones. In the end skill and luck combined lead you to the prize pot.

Backgammon tournaments at TrueMoneyGames

TrueMoneyGames offers a variety of backgammon tournaments, the €100 guaranteed backgammon tournaments running throughout the day are certainly some of the popular ones, but also the €1000 Saturday Special attracts several players every week. Every player can access this backgammon tournament either by signing up directly or by taking part at backgammon tournament satellites for a much lower buy in.

Backgammon €1000 guaranteed tournament prize structure

Winner: 40%
Finalist: 18%
Semifinalist: 11%
Quarterfinalis: 5%

Backgammon tournament freeroll qualifiers

The most popular backgammon satellites is of course the backgammon satellite freeroll. Without any risk at all every player is given the opportunity to sign up for free and go home with a considerable amount of cash. These backgammon qualifiers run every Wednesday at 19:05 GMT, check out the backgammon tournament schedule for more info.

These are great backgammon tournaments which are actually quite popular but open to a maximum of 512 players only. Don’t forget to check them out. Also stay tuned for a post concering upcoming World Series of Backgammon qualifiers 😉 Play online backgammon now

Poker Races for every table limit worth €10,000

Poker Races in general

Poker races are a great way to earn extra money at online poker, especially for players who play plenty of hands every day. You can either compensate for your losses or win extra money by taking part at poker races. Often enough these poker races include all table limits, giving micro limit players a smaller chance to ever rank against the average high roller. Of course playing more hands might balance out the odds a little for micro limit players, most of the end you’ll lose sight of your competition fairly quickly.

Poker Races at TrueMoneyGames

TrueMoneyGames offers a rather unique poker race for each table limit. This gives poker players the chance to rank a lot better or rather rank at all. You can choose your favorite table limit and still end up in the top 5 of the paid ranks. The prize distribution depends on the table limit, you’ll get 10 times the minimum table buy if you make it on the first place for example. The graph below makes clear how much each of the ranking players actually get paid out:

Poker race prize distribution:

Limit 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
€0.01/€0.02 €20 €10 €6 €4 €2
€0.02/€0.05 €50 €25 €15 €10 €5
€0.05/€0.10 €100 €50 €30 €20 €10
€0.10/€0.25 €250 €125 €75 €50 €25
€0.25/€0.50+ €500 €250 €150 €100 €50

This poker race takes place every week, with equal winning chances for the specific table stake you prefer. The benefit of a weekly poker race is pretty clear as well, you won’t have to give full throttle for a complete month, you can simply choose the weeks that suit you best. At the end of each week, 25 players end up in the money and get their payouts almost right after the poker race ends. At the end of the month the 3 best racers receive an additional €1750 on top of their winnings.

TrueMoneyGames offers a live feed that is updated every 15 minutes for each of the poker races, you can keep up to date at all times and check where you’re headed whenever you want with accurate results.

Check it out, these poker races are a great way to earn some extra cash while playing your favorite online poker table limit!

Backgammon Freerolls and Tournaments

Backgammon Freerolls in General

There’s nothing like a backgammon freerolls when it comes to backgammon tournaments. No buy in, real money prizes and lots of easy competition. Backgammon freerolls are a great way to build your bankroll to play backgammon at the tables. It’s almost like getting an instant bonus, only you’ll have to fight for it at one of plenty available backgammon freerolls.

Backgammon freerolls at TrueMoneyGames

I guess I won’t have to explain what TrueMoneyGames is, every backgammon player should actually know that already. TrueMoneyGames is known for the best software out there with lots of features and plenty of backgammon tournaments and backgammon freerolls running. Check it out yourself, many players feel like they’ve been missing out for a long time after checking this platfrom.

If you’re looking for backgammon freeroll tournaments you might have found the right place to play backgammon at. You’ll find 2 backgammon freerolls every day, a great opportunity to start building your bankroll for the tables. The competition you’ll face is not exactly the easiest out there, most pros actually love the software, few play at the freerolls of course. Nevertheless backgammon freerolls are a great way to get started and prepared for real money tournament play against skilled opponents. Who knows, you might end up being able to watch worldclass backgammon players like Robert Wachtel or Masayuki Mochy” Mochizuki in action and learn a few moves from them.

I’m pretty sure you’ll turn your back on most of the other rooms you’ve previously known after checking this one out, sign up and go for the backgammon freeroll tournaments and the real money sessions!

Poker tournaments with best value

Poker tournaments with guaranteed prizes are among the favorites of every online poker player, right next to freerolls. The advantage is that you’ll probably have less donkers at the table and higher prize money compared to the free counterparts.

Unfortunately you’ll have a buy in to pay, which on the other hand will certainly filter out a lot of players and leave you with a more sophisticated gameplay at the tables. Guaranteed online poker tournaments also have the advantage of overlay, when enough players sign up and get plenty of extra reloads and addons the guaranteed prize is almost certain to rise, leaving you with a higher share of the prize money.

Poker tournaments at TrueMoneyGames

The trick is to look for guaranteed poker tournaments that offer you a great value in several aspects. A high prize money with an equivalently high buy in is tempting for sure, but leaves you with a risk of losing a considerable amount of money and spending a lot of time while doing so. The optimum is an online poker tournament with a low buy in, short run time and a maximum prize money at the end of the show. The €2500 guaranteed poker tournament I’m writing about here offers all of that. You pay an extremely low buy in of €6 and have the chance to get a minimum prize of €2500. Rebuys and addons are available for another €5, which is well within limits.

For now these online poker tournaments have a pretty low competition of about 100-150 players, which leaves a little less room for overlay, but will surely shorten the length of this event, which is certainly a benefit as well. From my experience I can tell you that you won’t have a newbie competition, at least at the higher levels.

Certainly one of those online poker tournaments you won’t find anywhere, go ahead and check them out.