Bankroll Builder Poker Freerolls

There’s nothing like getting started at an online poker room completely for free, bankroll builder poker freerolls have gained great popularity and give you exactly this chance. The buy in is completely free for these tournaments, all you have to do is sign up and register to the bankroll builder poker freeroll. These poker freerolls are played just like any other multi table poker tournament, you will face off against a competition between a few hundred and a few thousand other poker players at these bankroll builder poker freerolls. The goal is to fight your way into the money to take your winnings to the cash tables afterwards.

Bankroll builder poker freerolls at TrueMoneyGames

Since October 2010 TrueMoneyGames gives you the chance to get your free bankroll at bankroll builder poker freerolls every Wednesday at 19:30 GMT. No buy in is required, you just have to be fast enough to get one of the 530 free seats. This sounds quite limited but the benefit is surely that you won’t have as much of an opposition as you might be uses to, these bankroll builder poker freerolls also finish a lot quicker and get you to the cash tables fairly easy. Every winner is guaranteed to get started at either the backgammon or poker tables, all you have to do is survive long enough to be part of the prize pool. Take this great chance and sign up to the bankroll builder poker freeroll every week!

Check out this Schedule for all details!

Bankroll Builder Poker Freeroll Schedule:

Date: Every Wednesday in October

Time: 19:30 GMT

Prize Pool: €100

Buy in: Poker freeroll open to everyone


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